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Prophecy - An Online Game Predictior Download

 “Prophecy” is a online prediction management system. It can be used to guess the result of WorldCup / Tournament matches in a kind of prediction. The players compete in guessing the correct result of some kind of match. Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, or even Yes/No questions like: will Brazil win the next WorldCup. At first User need to deposit for predicting. User will get interest followed by ratio.

Prophecy - An Online Game Predictior Download nulled
Prophecy - An Online Game Predictior Download

User Features

  1. Make Pridiction
  2. Pridiction Log
  3. Transaction Log
  4. Deposit Money
  5. Deposit Log
  6. Withdraw Money
  7. Withdraw Log
  8. User To User Balance Transfer System
  9. Email + SMS Notification
  10. Profile Information

Admin Features

  1. Financial Statistics & Information
  2. Manage Tournament
  3. Manage Event
  4. Can See Total Prediction Amount Each Event
  5. Can See Closed Event with Total Prediction Amount
  6. Prediction Result Manage
  7. Make winner
  8. List of user Each threat with amount
  9. Refund Prediction Amount
  10. Single Refund Prediction Amount
  11. User Management
  12. User Statistics & Reports
  13. 12+ Automated Payment Method
  14. Mollie Payment Gateway Added
  15. Manual Payment/ Bank deposit System Added
  16. Complete Payment History
  17. Withdraw Request Log
  18. Withdraw Report
  19. Add Manual Withdraw Method using form Builder
  20. Admin Role Permission
  21. Can Change Admin Prefix
  22. Email + SMS Notification
  23. Web Logo, footer, Favicon Can update
  24. SEO Setting
  25. Charge Control System
  26. Slider Manage
  27. Blog Manage
  28. Testimonial Manage
  29. How It Wok Manage
  30. FAQ Manage
  31. About Us Manage
  32. Terms & Condition Manage
  33. Privacy Policy Manage

Demo Links

Username: admin

Password: admin

  Download Prophecy - An Online Game Predictior